Inmes V-Nails

Moldurarte offers high quality staples along with its supply line. With a special design and made of high quality steel, INMES staples guarantee a superior performance, propitiating a better join of the mouldings. The staple tends to open up the profile when penetrating it, causing an “F” spring effect that makes the two profiles join.

Moldurarte offers two types of staples:

To close mouldings, ideal to unite the corners of the mouldings, enabling a perfect finish and a secure union of the wooden profiles once the glue dries out. And staples for closure of the support that goes in the back of the frame, securing the bottom in the frame.

On the Flexi version the staples can be bent allowing to change the bottom. On Rigi version the staples are rigid not allowing the bottom to be changed, as per picture below.

There are available 2 types of V-Nails:

The V-Nails are used to hold the corners of the frames while the glue cures. Flexipoints and Hard Points (Driver) can be used in jobs where changeable artwork and photographs are needed, used in ready made picture frames.

There are 2 different V-Nails, the “SW” are used for joining soft wood profiles and the “HW” are used for joining hard wood profiles.

  • It shapes has format of a “W” providing the joint a greater strength;
  • Built with the very high quality steel provide a smooth penetration;
  • It’s sharpened on just on edge improving the insertion into the moulding;

SW 5mm size – box with 6000 V-Nails (Wedges)
HW 7mm size – box with 4000 V-Nails (Wedges)
HW 10mm size – box with 3000 V-Nails (Wedges)
HW 12mm size – box with 2000 V-Nails (Wedges)
HW 15mm size – box with 2000 V-Nails (Wedges)
Flexpoints 15mm size – box with 5000 units
Flexpoints 14mm (35/64″) size – box with 5000 units
Hard Points 16mm (5/8″) size – box with 3000 units

Flexpoints were developed to fasten frame backs to the photo frame.

  • It’s produced with zinc steel (no rust);
  • It fits into most of the guns in the market;
  • Ideal for photo frame manufacturers;
  • Flexible material, it can be bent permitting to change the picture;
  • Available in black color.

Hard Points (Driver) were developed to substitute the traditional nail on the fastening of moulding and art, with the advantages of having faster application and superior quality.

  • It is produced with zinc steel;
  • Ideal for gallery frame manufacturers;