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Moldurarte Privacy Policy

Industria de Molduras Moldurarte, located at Rua Senador Nereu Ramos, 1680, in the Centro district, in the city of Braço do Norte – SC, CEP 88.750-000 is sure that our customers are concerned about the registration, use and sharing of their information. Based on this concept, we created a privacy policy focused on the protection of your information, based on the LGPD Law – Brazil’s General Law for the Protection of Individual Data.

Pursuant to this law, Moldurarte has complied with rigorous technical analysis, the commitments to guarantee the privacy and treatment of your information.

Personal Information Controllers

Industria de Molduras Moldurarte, located at Rua Senador Nereu Ramos, 1680, Centro district, in the city of Braço do Norte – SC, CEP 88.750-000, is the controller of personal data registered through Moldurate’s services.


    1. User: all natural persons who will use or visit the Site, over 18 (eighteen) years of age or emancipated and fully capable of performing acts of civil life or those absolutely or relatively incapable duly represented or assisted, or legal entities.
    1. Personal Data: any information provided and/or collected by Moldurarte and/or its affiliates, by any means, even public, which:

(I) identify, or that, when used in combination with other information handled by Moldurarte, identifies an individual; or

(II) whereby the identification or contact information of an individual may be derived. Personal Data can be in any media or format, including electronic or computerized records, as well as paper-based files.

    1. Purpose: it is the purpose that Moldurarte wants to achieve from each act of processing personal information.
    1. Necessity: is the justification why it is strictly necessary to collect personal data in order to achieve the purpose, avoiding excessive and unnecessary data collection.
    1. Legal Basis: it is the legal basis that makes the processing of personal data legitimate for a specific prior purpose by Moldurarte, as provided for in article 7 of the LGPD.

5.1 Consent: free, informed and unambiguous manifestation by which the holder agrees with the processing of their personal data for a specific purpose.

5.2 Execution of contracts and preliminary procedures: when necessary for the execution of a contract or preliminary procedures related to a contract to which is subject by the holder, at the request of the data holder.

5.3 Legitimate interest: when necessary to meet the legitimate interests of the controller or third parties in order to achieve the purposes listed below, except in the case where fundamental rights and freedoms of the holder that require the protection of personal data prevail.

5.4 Compliance with legal or regulatory obligation by the controller: comply with applicable legislation, regular exercise of rights in judicial, administrative or arbitration proceedings, enable the carrying out or administration of business, including quality control, reports and services offered, manage business transactions, understand and improve business and customer relationships and enable users to find cost-effective opportunities.

What Personal Information does Moldurarte Collect?

Moldurarte registers information about its customers for the sale of its products. The registration of information is done in the following ways:

    1. Information provided through sales representatives, who have a contractual relationship with Moldurarte, for prospecting, registering and submitting customer information.
    1. Information registered through Telemarketing, for prospecting, registration and submitting of customer information.
    1. Information from the customer’s direct contact with Moldurarte.
    1. Information collected by filling out the forms provided on Moldurarte’s website and social media. 

What are the Purposes and Needs that Moldurarte Intends to Achieve and supply with Your Personal Information? 

Your personal information is used to operate, market, produce and improve our products, always for your satisfaction. Below is a description of the purposes/needs:

    1. Purpose: Sale and delivery of products.

Needs: Your personal information is used to enter and receive orders, offer promotions, process billing and send information about your purchases.

    1. Purpose: To improve Moldurarte’s services.

Need: We use customer information to implement new forms of purchase, statistical analysis, correction of errors and improvement of Moldurarte services.

    1. Purpose: Compliance with legal obligations.

Needs: Your personal information is also collected for legal compliance, such as your establishment data and bank account registration for information certification.

    1. Purpose: Direct communication.

Needs: We communicate directly (example: phone, email, WhatsApp, chat, among other means), to offer products, send promotional materials and budget and billing data. Direct access can also be made by the customer through the Moldurarte Relationship Portal, which contains the following features:

4.1. Entering orders and consult your situation, up to invoicing;

4.2. Make frame budgets;

4.3. Consult invoice information;

4.4. Title query;

4.5. Track your invoice on the carrier’s website;

4.6. Print your bill;

4.7. Consult the product stock;

4.8. Access our unique knowledge base of videos and documents, which we’ve prepared for you.

4.9. Receive informational messages.

    1. Purpose: Advertising.

Needs: Your personal information is used to present our releases, which may come to be your need. We do not use your information for direct identification, but to exclusively display products that we believe will be of interest to you.

    1. Purpose: Credit Analysis and Prevention.

Needs: Your personal information is treated to prevent and detect fraud related to our customers and third parties, in addition to having a careful methodology for credit analysis for the sale of our products.

The legal bases that support the data collection, its purpose and respective need, all specified above, are supported by article 7, I (consent), II (fulfillment of legal obligation) and IX (legitimate interest) of Law n. 13.709/2018 (Brazilian’s General Data Protection Law)

Use of Cookies and Other Identifiers

Cookies are programs installed on our website, on our virtual Frame Simulator and on our Moldurarte Relationship Portal, with the specific objective of improving the services provided by Moldurarte. Activities such as recognizing the customer, their preferences, conducting surveys, preventing fraudulent activities and interacting with other systems or databases are attributable to Cookies.

Moldurarte Information Sharing

Moldurarte stores the personal data of customers under strict security criteria, knowing that this information is essential for carrying out commercial transactions. This information is only used in the following scenarios:

    1. Sending information for logistics and transport of Moldurarte’s products;
    1. With suppliers and partners to carry out the services contracted with Moldurarte (such as technology, accounting, among other information);
    1. Sales representatives and internal sellers and other members of the commercial sector;
    1. For administrative purposes such as: research, planning, service development, security and risk management;
    1. Execution of contracts;
    1. To analyze possible fraud, under strict confidentiality criteria;
    1. For credit analysis and sending information to the Credit Protection System, on the careful regulation of this procedure;
    1. When necessary, as a result of a legal obligation, determination of a competent authority, or court decision;
    1. Investigate and defend against any claims or allegations of third parties;
    1. Protect the security or integrity of services (for example, sharing with companies that are experiencing similar threats);
    1. Exercise or protect the rights, property, and safety of Moldurarte and its related companies;
    1. Protect the rights and personal safety of its employees, users or the public;
    1. In case of sale, purchase, merger, reorganization, liquidation or dissolution of Moldurarte.

Moldurarte will inform the respective Users of any legal demands that result in the disclosure of personal information, in accordance with what has been exposed in this item, unless such awareness is prohibited by law or prohibited by court order, or if the request is an emergency. Moldurarte may contest these demands if it deems that the requests are excessive, vague or made by incompetent authorities.

Information Security performed by Moldurarte

Moldurarte works under a strict information security standard, always taking the security of its customers’ personal information into consideration, with specific protocols and encryption software. We may also, to ensure the security of this information, request proof of identity prior to sharing personal information.

We follow security standards when dealing with Credit Card data.

Whenever you use the Moldurarte Relationship Portal, be sure to end the session when you finish using a shared computer.

Moldurarte’s Advertising Policy

Moldurarte does not share personal customer data with any advertising agent. Instead, we use advertising identifiers to run ads for our products, such as Google Ads, without using any personal customer information. 

Customer Warranties

Moldurarte is committed that, at any moment, our customers will be able to:

    1. Request information regarding the security of your personal data;
    2. Access your purchase information through the Moldurarte Relationship Portal;
    3. Request Anonymization, modification, restriction or even deletion of incomplete or non-compliant data under the LGPD law. The request for this information may be provided by electronic means, secure after careful analysis by IT or in printed form;
    4. Confidential information will only be provided by Moldurarte upon formal request, identified with a photo, otherwise, by a legal representative constituted by means of a notarized power of attorney;
    5. The Client may, at its discretion, not provide information that it does not deem necessary. In this case, you will not be able to benefit from Moldurarte’s products;
    6. Delete data: the User may request the deletion of some of his Personal Data (for example, if the data are no longer needed to provide said Client with the services);
    7. Change or correct data: the User can edit or request the editing of some of his Personal Data. The User may also request updates, alterations, or corrections to their data in certain cases, especially if they are incorrect;
    8. Place objections, limits or restrictions on the use of data: the User may request the interruption of the use of all or some of his Personal Data (for example, if we do not have the right to continue using them), or limit our use of such data (for example, if your Personal Data is incorrect or illegally stored), highlighting that Moldurarte may process Personal Data in accordance with the legal bases listed in the Table of Purposes;
    9. The User has the right to access or take his data: the User may request a copy of his Personal Data and the data that the User has provided in a readable format in printed form or by electronic means;
    10. The User may make the requests listed above by contacting our Data Protection Officer through the email [email protected] and these requests will be considered in accordance with the applicable laws.

Personal Information Registration Period

Customers’ personal information is kept at Moldurarte for use in the purchase of its products, in compliance with this privacy notice, to comply with legislation, for example, tax and accounting legislation, or otherwise, with total transparency for our customers, as per example the purchase history and addresses of invoices sent.

Information Collected

Moldurarte may collect the information in the following ways:

    1. When the customer looks for products or even makes a purchase on our Relationship Portal;
    1. Watch videos, access documents or messages on our Relationship Portal;
    1. Communicates with us by phone, email or via other ways;
    1. Moldurarte may also use cookies or device identifiers on the website and/or social media, applications developed by Moldurarte, to collect browsing information, use other technical information. 

Information that Clients Can Access

Through Moldurarte’s Relationship Portal, customers/ clients will be able to access:

    1. Status of orders;
    2. Watch Videos created by Moldurarte’s Marketing department;
    3. Upload documents created by Moldurarte’s Marketing department;
    4. Receive text messages created by Moldurarte’s Marketing department;
    5. Consult the information of invoices issued by Moldurarte;
    6. Search open titles, for periods selected by the client;
    7. Reprint purchase bills;
    8. Access a link, which will direct you to the website of the carrier responsible for transporting the goods invoiced by Moldurarte, in order to speed up the consultation of the traceability of your goods.

Activities that Clients Can Perform

Through Moldurarte’s Relationship Portal, customers/ clients will be able to:

    1. Change their access password;
    2. Consult the online stock of Moldurarte products;
    3. Enter purchase orders;
    4. Enter moulding/ frame budgets;

Moldurarte’s Responsibilities

Moldurarte invests in technical training and carries out the acquisition of advanced equipment and contracting of services in order to guarantee the protection of its customers’ personal information. But the use of customer data transcends the control of applications and systems controlled by Moldurarte.

Moldurarte is exempt from misuse of information carried out by other websites, or failures and loss of information by third parties, even if they are commercial partners of Moldurarte.

Moldurarte does not guarantee the provision of internet providers or information transmission links.

Moldurarte is not responsible for expenses incurred from the consumption of data contracted by information packages, in the use of the Moldurarte Relationship Portal, or access to any website or application developed by Moldurarte, as they are the customer/ clients’ responsibility.

Moldurarte will be able to carry out questionnaires, research in the development of new products, as long as they are in compliance with the LGPD.

Moldurarte’s partners shall have their own Privacy Policy, and Moldurarte will not have any responsibility for security breaches carried out by these partners.

Legal Basis for Processing Collected Data

Moldurarte only handles Personal Data in situations where it is legally authorized or with its express and unambiguous consent from the User.

As described in this Policy, Moldurarte has legal bases to collect, produce, receive, classify, use, access, reproduce, transmit, distribute, process, archive, store, delete, evaluate or control information, modify, communicate, transfer, broadcast or extract data about the User.

The legal bases include your consent (expressly and unambiguously collected at the time the User accepts the Terms of Privacy Policy and Use), contracts and preliminary contractual procedures (where processing is necessary to enter into the contract with the User) and legitimate interests aiming to achieve the purposes listed above, provided that such processing does not violate their rights and freedoms.

Such interests include protecting the User and Moldurarte from threats, complying with applicable law, exercising regular rights in judicial, administrative or arbitration proceedings, enabling the execution or administration of business, including quality control, reports and services offered, managing transactions understanding and improving business and customer relationships and enabling users to find cost-effective opportunities.

The User has the right to deny or withdraw the consent provided to Moldurarte, when this is the legal basis for processing personal data, and Moldurarte may terminate the provision of its services for this user in the event of such request.

If you have any questions about the legal bases for the collection, processing and storage of your personal data, please contact Moldurarte and its Data Protection Officer via e-mail [email protected].

Completion of Data Processing

There is no deadline for the processing of Customer data, and Moldurarte may inform the cancellation of the information, without prior notice, provided that the following ways are observed:

    1. Verification that the objectives were completed due to Moldurarte’s planned need;
    2. The deletion of information may occur by determination of a national authority;
    3. The data will only be deleted by Moldurarte, if they comply with the technical criteria, and may be kept in the following possibilities:

3.1. Current legislation, determined for the Controller;

3.2. External research, transfers to third parties, or use of Moldurarte itself, provided that the manipulations to anonymize the data are carried out.

Contacts, Notice and Privacy Policy Review

If there is any doubt about the privacy policy, you can contact our data controller (DPO), by e-mail [email protected] or by phone 0800-642-2122.

As business changes constantly, Moldurarte’s privacy policy may also change. You may refer to our website for our current policy.

Moldurarte will never change its privacy policy abruptly or substantially, so that they are less protective of your information without your consent.

Moldurarte has an Information Technology department with technical knowledge about the legislation and its legal obligations, acting as controllers and assistants in the treatment of customer/ client personal information.

Chosen Forum for Discussions

This policy is subject to the Law of the Federative Republic of Brazil and the Court of the District of Braço do Norte/SC is competent to settle any dispute in relation to it.