Glue and Tapes

To follow the market trend and concerned in offering the best products for assembly services, Moldurarte offers glues and tapes for various uses in the production of Picture Framing and Photo Frames industry.

Glue for corners when mouldings pieces are jointed

  • This is a FAST-Drying Glue based in PVA (polyvinyl alcohol) which has been developed specially bonding corners when wood moulding pieces are jointed with an outstanding performance.
  • Product in a water based available in packages with 1kg ( Net Wt.: 35.27 oz)

Adhesive Spray 77

  • Excellent anchoring on paper, cardboard, Styrofoam and foams.
  • High covering power.
  • Perfect for engraving collage


  • 1º Shake the product before and during application, secure the can in a vertical position, around 15 cm away from the surface to be glued.
  • 2º Fully action the actuator to allow a continuous flow of glue. If an accumulation of adhesive on the actuator is perceived, perform a cleanse in order to have a precise application.
  • 3º The application movement should always begin from outside the area to be glued and finish on the other end, always performing continuous movements.

Double face Tape VHB

  • Acrylic adhesive putty, high force adhesive solution for permanent fixation.
  • Substitution for nails, rivets and screws.
  • Fast, clean and simple application
  • Recommended for gluing mirrors to mouldings

ATG Adhesive Transfer Tapes G

  • This is a type of double-sided adhesive used extensively in picture framing to secure Matboards on the Foam Boards, MDF or eliminating dust covers. This tape creates a strong, durable bond also with other materials, making it ideal for framing and even other home projects.
  • ATG 700 Applicator Gun applies adhesive while removing and rewinding liner back into the applicator to eliminate clean-up.

Scotch Applier ATG 700

  • Simple and effective mechanism for application of adhesive onto a surface, rewinding the used line.
  • Ease and agility when performing any kind of jobs, even the most delicate ones.
  • For exclusive use along with tapes of transferable adhesive. Not to be used with other kind of tapes.

Brown Adhesive Kraft Paper Tape

  • Ideal tape for finishes of frames and general packaging.
  • Manual, dry and clean application
  • Ideal for frame finishes.