Moldurarte and its commitment to sustainability

Besides investing in products quality, MOLDURARTE is committed to the three pillars of sustainability: ECONOMIC, ENVIRONMENTAL AND SOCIAL, as we believe that the future of generations depends on what we do today.

With these values, invest in the planting and cultivation of pine and eucalyptus wood. Therefore, maintain six farms with more than 2,500,000 trees planted and managed, while maintaining in parallel a preservation improvement project with approximately 64% of the preserved areas with native species.

The objective of sustainable planting and maintenance is to guarantee the industrial supply, within the parameters of productivity, quality and environmental and social sustainability.

A seedling nursery is maintained in a consortium, producing 30,000 tree seedlings annually, which are distributed free of charge to the population of 9 cities in the Braço do Norte region, state of Santa Catarina.

This action meets the needs of recovering native forests, preserving soil and water quality, besides bringing income and social welfare to the community.

At all factorys, Moldurarte has an ENVIRONMENTAL WASTE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM, where liquid effluents are sanitized through treatment stations, reducing the emission of agents and pollutants as much as possible, and solid waste has a specific destination, as well as wood waste. , are transformed into by-products: briquettes, which supply our own wood drying greenhouses, thus ensuring the balance of ecosystems in the regions where it operates.

Wood Farm - Bom Retiro SC

Through these practices, Moldurarte reinforces the business sustainability.

6 farms

with more than 3.9 mil

+ de 1.400

cultivated hectares

+ than 2.500.000

planted trees