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One brief history of dedication to Art.

In 1942, in the state of Santa Catarina, south of Brazil, in the city of Braco do Norte, a region highly colonized by German and Italian immigrants, the Santa Luzia Mirror factory was started and was founded by the patriarch of the family, Mr. João Effting, who was from a family of German immigrants. Following the steps of his father, Mr. Heriberto Effing, the oldest son, having an enterprising, futurist vision, and being certain about investing in the art industry, decided to buy a small machine to produce mouldings that was used for the mirrors produced by Santa Luzia.

The growth of the market and the determination to invest even more in the moulding sector, Mr. Heriberto Effting founded Indústria de Molduras Moldurarte, in 1961. All of its production was geared only to the city of São Paulo’s market.

Today, Moldurarte’s brand is a synonym for high quality wooden mouldings in Brazil and foreign countries, and is a reference when talking about tendencies, innovation and release of new product. Working with the most advanced technology, last generation equipment, along with audacity, modernity and style, each and every one of the MOLDURARTE mouldings and finishes, meets the most rigorous norms of the global market, guaranteeing the trust and preference of its products, something that permitted the expansion of its operational market even more. Being consolidated and with a strong presence in all Brazilian markets, MOLDURARTE began to export in May 1979, and today exports to over 22 countries all over the world.

Every year, the MOLDURARTE brand is more closely identified with quality, being considered one of the biggest companies with a large production capacity. This is due to the fine quality performance of over 400 collaborators and the modern industrial complex with over 45.000 thousand m2 of constructed area, a production capacity of 16 million linear meters (52,49 million feet) per year , which guarantees the best and most complete product mix and the largest mouldings stock in the market. The company is considered to be one of the biggest mouldings manufacturers in the world.


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