Terms of Use

Use Conditions

These general terms and conditions of use apply to the services provided by the legal entity called Industria de Molduras Moldurarte, under the CNPJ 86.429.834/0001-32 e-mail [email protected], located at the address Rod. SC 370 – Km 147, number 2031, district Rio Bonito, Braço do Norte – SC – CEP 88750-000, from now on called Moldurarte, which is the editor of the website www.moldurarte.com.br.

Moldurarte Site Functionalities

The Moldurarte website has the following features:

    1. Institutional website for the presentation of products produced and sold by Moldurarte, contact form, download of the framing/ mouldings business plan and online service chat.
    2. Access to Moldurarte Environment Simulator software, an application to simulate frames/ mouldings in environments customized by the user, using the Moldurarte product catalog.
    3. Access to the Moldurarte Relationship Portal, an application used by Representatives and Customers to consult Inventory, enter orders and frame/ moulding budgets, consult invoices, issue bills and financial situation. The software also allows access to videos, documents and messages related to: Institutional/Processes, Collections/Launches, Moldurarte School and Marketing Materials.


To understand the privacy standards that guide Moldurarte’s actions, please access our privacy policies by clicking here.

General Terms of Use

All users who use software and digital resources provided by Moldurarte must know our rules, which will always be available and updated in a link at the bottom of the website www.moldurarte.com.br.

The use of the software implies acceptance of the rules defined by Moldurarte, and behavior and actions outside the same will be subject to the possibility of appropriate criminal actions. Therefore, prior knowledge of software modifications and terms of use is emphasized.

In case of non-acceptance of any Moldurarte policy, the user may stop using the service, and if he wishes, he may contact Moldurarte to request exclusion from the Relationship Portal and optionally present the reasons that led him to this decision.

Electronic Communications

When the User uses any applications provided by Moldurarte, or sends e-mails, or any means of communication carried out by any electronic device, he will be carrying out an electronic communication with us. For this reason, in accordance with the Privacy Policies made available, the User expressly consents, as provided for in article 7, I and 8, of the General Data Protection Law, that Moldurarte sends electronic communications by several means, such as e-mail, text messages (SMS), “push” messages in applications, or when posting information on this or other Moldurarte websites. You will also agree that any contracts, notices, messages, disclosures and other communications delivered to you electronically satisfy all legal requirements that such communication be in writing.

Availability for Site Navigation

The developer of Moldurarte’s software will make available the provided applications uninterruptedly, in order to have maximum performance, but maintenance can be carried out without prior notice, which may cause interruption, slowdowns or access failures.

The developer may remove information that conflicts with Brazilian or international legislation

Access Account for Environment Simulator and Relationship Portal

The user must have a single account in the Environment Simulator and Relationship Portal. Duplicate accounts may be deactivated without notice by Moldurarte’s Information Technology Department, responsible for protecting information and access policies on the website.

Failure to provide valid, accurate and up-to-date data may result in civil and criminal actions, due to the veracity, accuracy and authenticity of the data provided.

The user must have an active email to send information from the applications. The communications sent will be considered read by the user, who must pay attention to the messages received and, in case of doubt, question if necessary.

The pseudonym (login/nickname) and your password, used for access, must be used exclusively to access the applications provided by Moldurarte. If desired, the user may share their access with a third party, bearing all responsibilities, and must change their password and immediately inform Moldurarte, if they suspect unexpected activities in their records.

The assignment, sale or transfer of your access to the applications provided by Moldurarte is prohibited.

Any non-compliance with the issues related to the terms of use will result in the exclusion of access, a new access will not be allowed.

The cancellation of registration can be requested at any time and will not imply the settlement of outstanding debts for the purchase of products in past negotiations.

User Responsibilities

When accessing the system, the user must be aware and comply to the following:

    1. Use the applications provided by Moldurarte following the technical principles of their creation.
    2. Observe the application’s operating rules, with prior knowledge of national and international law standards.
    3. Protect your login information, protecting it to avoid leaking to third parties, who may use it for shady purposes.
    4. When uploading any files, the User guarantees that the referred ones, mainly the images used in the virtual simulator, are of his own authorship or that he has a legitimate right to use them. For this reason, the company or its service providers are exempt from any liability (civil or criminal) for such content and/or images.

Moldurarte Applications Developer Responsibilities

The Moldurarte application developer will not be responsible for the functioning of the Applications in the following aspects:

    1. Ensure performance or working speed rates for applications provided by Moldurarte.
    2. For illegal content or activities performed improperly in Moldurarte applications.

External Links Redirection

Moldurarte’s applications may have access links to external sites, over which it has no effective control, and operational failures may occur, therefore exempting itself from the content provided by these electronic addresses.

Copyright of images, text, graphics and photographs

All text, graphics, logos, icons, images, audio clips, digital downloads and data compilations are property of Moldurarte, and their use without formal authorization is prohibited.

User Support Services

The service hours for users of Moldurarte applications are from Monday to Friday, from 7:30 am to 5:33 pm – 1:12 pm to 5:33 pm.